Hawley, Minnesota

A Family Friendly Community

Hawley Municipal Airport 21684 Hwy 10

   The Hawley Municipal Airport has 32 hangars that house single engine planes.  We offer 100LL aviation fuel at the self serve pump.  The arrival/departure building features a MnDOT weather system computer for pilots. 


Arrival Departure Building
Arrival Departure Building
- We have 1 t-hangar available for airplane storage.   Contact City Hall for information on hangar & garage rental at 218-483-3331, Monday thru Friday. 


Hawley Municipal Airport - 04Y
Hawley Municipal Airport - 04Y
Hawley Airport is currently constructing a new T-Hangar with wider door openings (47') that will be ready for rental in August 2018.  If you are interested please call and put your name on our waiting list for this new space.